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The beautiful scenery of Colgate University surrounds SSA Socratic Summer Academy as they work on SATs - but balance that task with the elements of a traditional summer camp

Day Program

Alex explains a thorny math problem - in a natural surrounding.  Everything's more fun when you're outside.

- Camp will begin Friday, June 29, 2018, and end Saturday, July 21, 2018. We will be on Colgate University's campus in Hamilton, NY.

- We are happy to answer any and all questions prospective students or parents may have about our program. We can also connect prospective students to others who have attended the camp in previous years; our alumni are happy to answer questions and describe their experiences with the program.

How the Day Program Works: Two Options

Most students who come to SSA live in the dormitories with their teachers. Students who live near Colgate, however, have the unique opportunity of engaging in the program as non-residential students for a significant reduction in tuition. Day students can come either as full-time or part-time students.

Full-Time Day Program

Full-time students come to SSA at 8:15 every morning and go home at 9:45 pm every night. They participate in the full slate of academic and social programming: they attend class, take proctored tests, and compete in vocabulary and SAT games; beyond the SAT, they play sports with their peers, engage in games like capture the flag, quiz bowl, and debate, and select from a catalog of electives like Environmental Science and Philosophy. Full-time students may elect to stay home for portions of the weekend, but will be required to attend proctored tests (which are on Saturdays) and test return/review sessions and coaching meetings (on Sunday evenings). We do have numerous weekend activities (going to the movies, barbecues, parties, campfires) which we would love to have full-time students attend. Inquire separately about our day program fees (part time or full time), Working in small groups is an integral part of Socratic Summer Academy's tried-and-true method for 400-point score improvements. which include lunch and dinner and all relevant activities and classroom fees.

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Part-Time Day Program

Part-time students come to SSA at 8:15 every morning and stay until 4:15 pm on weekdays. They also come on Saturdays for proctored tests and Sunday nights to get their tests back and meet with their coaches. Part-time students take a comprehensive SAT course, our Issues class, and may, if they choose, stay from 4:15-5:45 to play sports or relax with their peers. Part-time students do not have to come on weekends (other than to take practice tests on Saturdays and get the results/meet with coaches on Sunday nights), but may choose to (and are encouraged to) participate in significant social bonding activities (games, campfires). The part-time program includes lunch and course fees; students are welcome to join in on select other activities, but tuition does not always cover their cost. Inquire separately about our day program fees (part time or full time).

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